Badges to do at Home or School

Here is a small selection of Badges that Beavers can earn.  For a full list, please click here or speak to a Leader.


Animal Friend

   1. Learn how to care for an animal.
 2. Help to take care of that animal for six weeks.
 3. Tell others in your Colony or Lodge about the animal.
 4. Find out what the animal needs. Learn about its food, habitat, space, exercise and sleeping area.
 5. Keep a note of how you have looked after the animal for two weeks. You can draw, take photographs or write short sentences.

Top tips

The animal you care for could be a dog, cat, gerbil, guinea pig, fish, bird, rabbit, lamb or even a stick insect! Maybe you could help look after a family member’s pet.Even though there are lots of computer games and things that show you what it’s like to care for an animal, these won’t count for this badge. You will need to learn to take care of a real, live animal.


   1. Spend at least six weeks making a collection.
 2. Show your Colony or Lodge a sample of things from your collection.
 3. Tell others in your Colony or Lodge about your collection. What is your collection? Why do you collect these things? What is your favourite thing from your collection?


   1. Choose a hobby to take part in for at least six weeks.
 2. Show that you have stuck with your hobby.
 3. Show what you know about your hobby and the skills you have learned.
 4. Tell and show the Colony, your Lodge or Leaders about your chosen hobby. Talk about why you enjoy it.

Top tips

You can earn more than one Hobbies badge.


   1. Take part in a sport or physical activity regularly for at least six weeks.
 2. Take part in a match, competition or demonstration of that sport.
 3. Show your Lodge, Colony or an adult the skills you have learned.
 4. Tell your Lodge, Colony or an adult about the rules of your sport.

Digital Citizen – Stage 1

  Complete every task to achieve Stage 1, showing that you have thought about the potential risks and how to stay safe for each activity.
 1. Show that you can:
   - turn on and log into a computer
   - use a piece of software, for example email or a game
   - name the main parts of a computer system
connect a peripheral (for example a scanner or printer) to your computer and use it.
 2. Create a piece of digital media. It could be artwork, a photograph, music or animation
 3. Use the internet for research:
   -  decide on an area of interest
   -  find three websites with content that matches your area of interest
   -  collect relevant information by printing or saving as files
 4. Using your internet research, design a presentation and tell others about what you have found out. This could be an electronic or paper based presentation. 

For help with this badge, click here.  Click Here for further stages of this badge.

Digital Maker – Stage 1

   1. Show that you can identify a computer, the basic components inside a computer and what their purpose is.
 2. Show that you can create instructions for something you do every day such as getting dressed in the morning or making a sandwich.
 3.  Design a game:
   - use role play to act out how your digital game would work
   - play the game with a group of friends and change the rules
 4. Using paper, prototype a game and explain to someone how it works. Note: You could video your explanation

Some Digital Maker stages involve downloading stuff from the internet, which can be risky. Make sure that young people and adults aware of the online safety rules.

For help with this badge, click here.  Click Here for further stages of this badge.

 Musician – Stage 1

   1. Skill
   - Listen to a short tune of a couple of lines and then sing it back.
   - Listen to another tune and then beat or clap out the rhythm.
 2. Performance
   - Sing or play two different types of song or tune on your chosen instrument – remember your voice is an instrument too. You must perform in front of other people, either in Scouting or at a public performance such as a group show or school concert.
 3. Knowledge
   - Demonstrate some of the musical exercises that you use to practice your skills.
   - Talk about your instrument and why you enjoy playing it. Alternatively, you could talk about the songs you sing and why you enjoy singing them.
 4. Interest
   - Tell your assessor about the music that you most like to listen to.

Click Here for further stages of this badge.

Swimmer – Stage 1

   1. Learn the general safety rules for swimming (such as not diving into shallow water or not swimming on your own) and where it is safe to swim locally.
 2. Show you know how to prepare for exercises such as taking part in a warm up.
 3. Demonstrate a controlled entry, without using the steps, into at least 1.5 metres of water.
 4. Swim 10 metres on your front.
 5. Tread water for 30 seconds in a vertical position.
 6. Using a buoyancy aid, float still in the water for 30 seconds.
 7. Demonstrate your ability to retrieve an object from chest-deep water.
 8. Perform a push and glide on both your front and back.
 9. Swim 25 metres without stopping.
 10. Take part in an organised swimming activity.

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